What are Threadworms?

Threadworms, or EnterebiusVermincularis, to give its latin title, is a human intestinal parasite most commonly found in children, with around 40% of children under 10 infected by threadworms at any one point.

Threadworm Symptoms

The primary symptom of threadworms is itching around the anus (as well as the vagina in girls), although itching may not always be prevalent. The itching occurs due to threadworms secreting mucus whilst they lay eggs around the anus.

Threadworms spread by the eggs becoming stuck under finger nails or on the skin, this then either ends up in children’s mouths or on other surfaces where this can then spread to others. Once the egg has been swallowed, threadworms hatch after around 3 weeks in the human gut and this is where they continue to stay. Within 2 weeks of hatching, threadworms reach full adult size (approximately 2-5mm for male threadworms and 8-13mm for females). These threadworms then reproduce again and the cycle continues.

Threadworms can also sometimes be seen in children’s faeces or can be seen crawling just inside the child’s anus.

How to Get Rid of Threadworms

Treating threadworms is relatively simple. Taking a single Ovex Threadworm Tablet will kill off any adult threadworms in your system; however this will not kill off any eggs, so this treatment should be taken again two weeks later to kill off any remaining threadworms.

It is also highly recommended that you treat the entire family when taking threadworm treatment to prevent reinfections. Family packs of Ovex Threadworm Tablets (4 tablets per pack), are available to treat this effectively with minimal cost.

Other measures that should be taken following treatment of threadworms are a thorough cleaning of the house, washing of all bed linen and pyjamas and washing of the anus each morning to remove any excess eggs around the anus - this should be continued for around 6 weeks (the lifespan of a threadworm) to ensure full removal of threadworms.


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