Basket Link - Important Info & FAQ's


  • Please ensure you use your own LEGAL NAME on the BILLING DETAILS.  If there are any differences in the billing and shipping addresses, please email us to let us know the reason why. This is for safeguarding and security reasons.
  • If your medication is being paid for by ANOTHER PERSON, please email us after you have checked out with your order number briefly explaining who has bought your medication and the reason why. We only require this information ONCE and we will update your records to prevent the same checks again however we may check this periodically or if there has been a change.
  • If you have changed your name by deed poll, please do ensure that you send a copy of this to your online doctor and to us at
  • lease ensure all your personal details are up to date with your online doctor including legal name, preferred name and address.
  • Your medication can ONLY be delivered to yourself, you can use your legal name or your preferred name as the SHIPPING NAME. Please note, if your delivery fails and is returned to the depot, the delivery company may request a form of ID in the legal/preferred name you have used.


The above steps will reduce potential delays in your order and will prevent us from having to contact you in order to safely have medication dispensed and dispatched to you. 

We are here to help you so if you need further information on any of the above, please email


*Please note, proceeding with the basket order confirms you consent to Clear Chemist accessing your Summary Care Record (SCR). Please note we cannot dispense medication without consent to access your summary care record to ensure the prescription is clinically appropriate and safe to be dispensed (What is an SCR?).



I cannot purchase my items right now, how long does my basket link last for?

Your prescription order basket link will expire after 28 days.


I cannot place the order, the link does not work?

If you experience issues placing the order, try deleting your web browser history and stored web data and try again. If this still persists then please email us.

 If you are having difficulty placing a medication order using the link we have provided you with, please DO NOT contact your prescriber as they cannot help. Simply reply to THIS email stating your issue and we will work to help resolve the problem. Please appreciate, your precriber cannot provide assistance at this point as you are placing the order with Clear Chemist.


 Can I order more than once on this prescription?

If you require a further prescription, please contact your prescriber and await a new link to be sent, we will NOT process this order.


Can I amend my basket order to reduce the amount required and save it for another time?

If you do not purchase all the items that have been put into the basket for this current prescription, any more purchases made for the remaining items, will not be processed by Clear Chemist. They will require a new prescription request from the prescriber which you will need to obtain.


My dosage and quantity of medication is incorrect, how do I fix this?

Clear chemist is NOT responsible for the dosage or quantity of medication requested for you to purchase. This information is a direct copy of your prescription from your prescriber. Therefore, if you have a query relating to this, please ONLY contact the prescriber as we cannot advise or help on this matter