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The Urban Decay Contour Palette has a peach colour corrector this can be used for under eyes to hide dark circles and even cover tattoos.

The colour corrector should be used on bare skin patting around the lower socket line of the eye and then with concealer on top. This will hide the appearance of tired, older eyes helping to give the appearance of a fresher more feminine and youthful look.

Hiding stubble can prove tricky, so waxing rather than shaving will help hide a once stubbly beard. Colour correctors, concealers, matte foundations, setting powders and setting sprays can all help to change a more masculine face. Using a smooth face primer or CC cream can help smooth out a tough or dry skin face, this helps foundation sit better and last longer on the skin.

Eye shadow palettes with more natural browns, nudes and soft pinks work well for a more feminine look.

Stronger Blue, Green, and Purple eye shadow colours can highlight creases around the lid and near the outer corners of the eyes.

Lip colours can be tricky and take lots of practice to get a feminine shape, using more nude, soft pink colours with a clear gloss or similar shade lip glosscan give the appearance of fuller more feminine lips.

Once the full application is complete finishing the look with a setting spray and this will stop you having to top up your look.

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