Clear Chemist Safeguarding Statement

At Clear Chemist, we are committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults at every opportunity. Our team accepts and recognises our responsibilities to develop an awareness of the issues which may cause harm to children and vulnerable adults.

We endeavour to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults by:

  • * Operating under safeguarding guidelines through policies and procedures.
  • * Regularly review our safeguarding policy and ensure it is updated accordingly.
  • * Reporting all suspected instances of suspected or actual violence, abuse, and personal safety to the appropriate authorities.
  • * Be vigilant and sensitive to the potential for child abuse.
  • * Ensuring all staff are appropriately DBS checked and appropriate training is provided.

Other policies and documents relevant to our safeguarding policy include:

  • * Patient Confidentiality Policy
  • * Patient Equality and Diversity
  • * Staff Confidentiality & Code of Conduct Policy
  • * Staff Equality and Diversity Policy
  • * Zero Tolerance Policy

Should you require any advice or help please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any potential safeguarding incidents. If you need to discreetly inform us that you need help then “ASK for ANI” (Action Needed Immediately), a codeword for support that will alert members of staff that a victim is seeking immediate and urgent help. Should you require to report a safeguarding incident then please contact us.

You can also refer to Samaritans for further advice and support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Find our contact details on: