Impotence is a highly treatable condition yet many of those suffering from it are reluctant to seek treatment. Since the launch of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, oral medicines have radically improved the treatment of ED. These drugs work for the majority of men affected, whatever the cause. Choosing which ED medication is best is a matter of trial an error, although there are particular characteristics of each treatment which may help you decide which may suited to your own personal needs.

If you are suffering with problems with your erections then there is help available. You may be eligible for treatment on the NHS but only in smaller quantities. If you would rather obtain your prescription and advice from a Private GP then you can choose which medication you would like or you can ask for advice on what may be suitable for you. 

Some people prefer tablets, either taken just before sexual activity, or a tablet that you can take every day which will help with erections when you are sexually stimulated. If the tablets don’t work for you then you then there are mini-injections and creams available. Please see product descriptions for further information, or please ask our doctor.

Clear Chemist can provide you with an online prescription for oral erectile dysfunction medication following an online consultation with our UK registered doctor.


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