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Online Doctor

Common Conditions

Consult with our Doctor, choose your product and it will be checked by our Doctor and prescribed if appropriate.




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Ask the Online Doctor 

Not sure what you want or what is wrong? Contact Dr Webberley here and arrange an email, telephone or video consultation.

If you would like a consultant's opinion, then Dr Webberley can arrange a telephone consultation at a time to suit you, or a face to face meeting at a private hospital local to you.

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Upload a Photo

Got a rash / sore / something you're not sure about / something you're embarrassed about?

Upload your photo privately here and Dr Webberley will diagnose if possible and advise as appropriate.


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Order your Tests

Have a look at our range of blood tests, infection testing kits and sample kits here. All done from the privacy of your own home.





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Prescription Swap

Would you like to see whether the prescription you have would be cheaper to buy direct than pay the NHS prescription fee?

Would you like to have the branded version of your prescribed drug? Fed up with the non-branded versions?

Do you have a private prescription for your treatment from your own doctor or specialist? Compare our prices here.

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Repeat NHS Prescription Service

We can arrange to pick up your repeat prescription from your surgery every month and deliver it to you.

We will review every prescription for savings and choices to make sure your treatment is up to date and best value.



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