Winter brings plenty of joy for the family; there are those crisp moments of aesthetic perfection where all of nature seems to have found its place. There’s days spent playing in the snow and evenings wrapped in a blanket, by the fire, watching a film. Winter brings all of these things in equal measure, but in between coughing fits, headaches and sore throats it’s hard to apply nostalgia to those moments. So what do we do? We go flocking to the nearest chemist only to find they’ve sold out of all the essentials long before you thought it correct to go and purchase them.  So you’re unlikely to make the same mistake you did last year, but what will you need?

First on your list should always be a high quality cough medicine, nothing is worse than coming home after a hard day’s work to hear a chorus of coughs emanating from inside the house by way of a greeting. Not to mention trying to get to sleep whilst your partner or children are shaking the foundations of the home whilst you try to get a jot of sleep. That’s why you’re going to need something strong to take care of those throats before they go out for the day. In my mind, nothing is better suited for the task than Lemsip’s Cough Dry medicine, which as well as being tough on coughs in the present but also works to fix the root of the problem in the longer term, meaning a higher quality of sleep and more energy in the morning.

Day to day though, we all need something to take care of the near omnipresent throat tickle, and for that there’s fewer more comforting than the classic Fishermans friend. Popping one of those peppery classics in your face is both a nostalgic and warming experience. Alternatively, and for those adverse to the somewhat strong flavour of the Fishermans Friends (kids, I’m thinking of you here) Strepsils orange flavoured lozenges are packed with vitamin C and two separate antiseptics (2,4-dichloobenzyl alcohol 1.2mg, Amylmetacresol 0.6mg) they effectively relieve discomfort throughout the day.


Finally, for the pains of nose and sinus congestion, headaches, inflammation and fevers (something we all know all too well) Sudafed’s famed Sinus Pressure & Pain tablets have long been relied on to provide effective relief from exactly these kinds of problems by combining pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, ibuprofen and a powerful anti-inflammatory painkiller to bring you back to your old self. These basics should keep you and your family from sniffling away the good times, but everyone’s needs vary so make sure you tailor your choices to your needs and stay warm this winter.