Celebrity Slim is a popular wieght loss programme that has had positive results with many people in the UK and indeed world wide. Here we will explore what the different phases of the programme are and do.

There are three simple and easy to follow phases in the Celebrity Slim Programme, all are designed to help you lose weight easily and most importantly safely. Reach your target weight and stay there!

The Active Phase:

  • The Active Phases is a kick start to your diet.
  • Follow the Active phases for one to two weeks before progressing to Trim Phase.
  • Control the calorie and carbohydrate intake without all the complicated calorie counting.
  • Simple and easy to follow and when combined with exercise encourages the body to burn fat leading to accelerated weight loss.
  • In outline your daily diet will consist of: 3 Celebrity Slim Active shakes, 1 healthy balanced meal and add 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise to your daily routine.

The Trim Phase:

  • The heart of the programme and is designed to deliver long-term sustainable results.
  • Replace 2 meals each day and combine this with a balanced meal and 3 snacks.
  • Easy-to-follow programme will keep you feeling full.
  • Flexible enough to fit in with your work and home life.
  • In outline your daily diet will consist of: 1 balanced meal, 2 Celebrity Slim meal replacements, 3 snacks and 2L of water.

The Maintain Phase:

  • Designed for when you reach you target weight, congratulations! You've done it, now let's keep it.
  • The Maintain Phase is essential to keep your weight off.
  • Slowly reintroduces carbohydrates and puts you in control.
  • This phase consists of three steps -
  • Step One: Continue to replace 1 meal, 2 balanced meals each day, introduce carbohydrates into one meal each day. Follow for 1-2 weeks.
  • Step Two: If you still continue to lose weight, increase the carbohydrates in your 2nd meal. If you start to gain weight, cut back the carbohydrates again.
  • Step Three: Replace your Celebrity Slim Programme meal replacement with a third meal. Add carbohydrates to this meal if it helps you maintain your weight.

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