Well whatever next, we read in the news today that researchers had achieved good results in the use of Botox for the treatment of hayfever.

Botox has historically been used for the treatment of wrinkles, and more recently used to reduce muscle spasms.

The use of Botox in the treatment of hayfever is completely different. Firstly it is in gel form, and has been re-engineered to penetrate the skin and lining of the nose, providing hayfever sufferers with relief from common allergy symptoms. The treatment is expected to relieve these symptoms for up-to 3 months.

This really is great news, especially as it is now thought that the warmer weather caused by global warming is expected to increase the hayfever season by 6 weeks! However, the trials are still in the very early days, so in the meantime back to the proven treatments, and of course here at Clear Chemist – we offer some of the very best prices on Allergy treatments in the UK!