At Clear Chemist we stock a number of high quality Fluconazole Thrush Treatments, all available at outstanding prices. We specialise in fluconazole tablets to treat the internal infection, as well as an extensive range of creams and pessarys to relieve itching. Thrush can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing infection to have, at Clear Chemist you can buy fluconazole thrush treatment online, giving you the treatment you need delivered straight to your door, without embarrassment.

We stock a wide range of products from several well trusted brands, including Canesten, Numark, Care, and Bristol.  Our oral fluconazole treatments start from just 16p for a single dose and so there is no need to suffer. Try the Canesten single dose treatment, which comes in an easy to swallow fluconazole capsule; Or the medication which uses the same active ingredients as the other more expensive brands. The is ideal if your partner has also contracted the infection. Our wide range of single dose capsules are most successful when used in conjunction with a cream to treat the external infection. Try Canesten duo for an effective pill and cream for full relief.

Fluconazole is an excellent oral treatment for thrush, providing full relief in just 2-3 days, please note if symptoms persist consult your doctor.

Check out our full range of Fluconazole for thrush treatments.


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