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About our Online Doctor service

The Clear Chemist Online Doctor service gives you online access to a UK registered GP. You can complete a brief questionnaire about your symptoms, or book a telephone or email consultation with our online doctor. Our doctor will assess your symptoms and may prescribe medication or treatment if it is appropriate.

If you already have a prescription and you would like to order it online, you can find your medication using our prescription drug finder above, and complete your order as normal. Then all you have to do is send your prescription to our postal address.

All assessments are made on an individual basis - we cannot guarantee that a prescription will be issued in any case. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, our doctor may advise you to seek medical assistance from a specialist, or may advise that a physical examination is necessary to properly treat your condition.

The information given in the Clear Chemist Online Doctor pages is intented for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a diagnosis, nor does it substitute the opiniion of our registered GP.

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