Getting a cold is an inevitable part of the wintery months, and those first tell-tale signs of a gentle tickle in your throat and a runny nose seem largely like a rite of passage as we get nearer towards Christmas and the New Year. Alas, not all of us have time to put up with those bothersome traits and would much prefer the hours and days to get those last few Christmas gifts bought before everyone arrives for dinner, for those who just nodded their head slightly, we have a top tip for you – Lemsip.

We all know the brand, and Lemsip is a great product

We all know the brand, they’re omnipresent on the shelves of our local pharmacy but that doesn’t mean we take them for granted, oh no, with millions swearing on them every year to help them get over their colds, it might be time for you to as well. They’ve got a multitude of products designed especially to treat certain aspects of cold and flu symptoms, and some that work as general relief from them.

Lemsip is good for your sinus problems

For example, those of us who are suffering from intense sinus problems (runny, blocked nose) will find comfort in Lemsip’s Max Sinus Sachet’s that come in a powdered form that enables you to enjoy it as a delicious lemon and menthol flavoured drink. By replacing two of your regular cups of tea or coffee for a Lemsip Sachet you’ll be putting yourself on the fast track to recovery. Also in their Sachet range are their more general Cold and Flu sachets, which promise relief from a much wider range of symptoms this Christmas. For those of us who prefer our medicines in more traditional forms, Lemsip offer a range of pills and syrups that cover everything from chesty coughs, sinus relief and Cold + Flu symptoms, so you’re not going to fall short in the options department.

Whatever Lemsip product you go with this Christmas, you can be sure to put your faith in a brand people have known and trusted for years to nurse you back to fighting health in no time at all. Quite simply, it is always a good idea to have a couple of sachets of Lemsip stashed away in your medical drawer, as there will always be somebody in need of one.