Olay brings you an abundance of choice when it comes to skin care, but what do you look for in each range? How do you know which is right for you?

Here at Clear Chemist we want you to be able to make an informed choice to get what your desire from your skin care products. This brief buying guide will give you some insight in to the goals of each Olay range.


The Olay Anti-Wrinkle range utilises a unique formula that has been specifically designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you younger looking skin and getting those wrinkles under control.

The Anti-Wrinkle range caters for all different skin types; including sensitive, combination/oily and normal.
In addition to working to reduce your unwanted wrinkles, the Anti-Wrinkle range can help tone up your features when they have suffered from loss of firmness.

The Anti-Wrinkle range unique formulation is perfect for those who desire beautifully smooth skin.

Essential Classics

What no one should be without! The Essential Classics range gives you the basics for all skin types.

Products such as make-up wipes and moisturiser to give your skin the clean, soft look and more importantly feel you desire.
When it comes to active effects the Essential Classic range works to maintain your skins natural beauty by keep it moisturised and looking healthy.

Get that subtle firming from the instant hydration of the Essential Classics range.

Essential Complete

The Essential Complete range goes one step further providing you with not just maintenance but works to reduce the dullness and promote firmness to protect you from the daily ware and tare your skin endures every day.

Again the Essential Complete range caters to all skin types and cleanses your skin while providing each individual with everything they need to keep their skin looking visibly healthy.


The Regenerist range’s unique formulation is aimed at repairing damaged skin, working with your skin to reduce dark circles and puffiness while at the same time exfoliating the surface skin cells.

Regenerist products give your skin the younger look, make you look and feel more energetic. Your skin will feel alive and ready for anything with this range that caters to a variety of skin types.

Working with a combination of antioxidants and pore refinement technology the Regenerist range works with your skin to give you a fresher and more energized look.

Total Effects

Total Effects products are mainly aimed at targeting aging skin and works perfectly with the Anti-Wrinkle range to give your skin the ultimately younger look and feel.

While the Total Effects range helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles it also nourishes your skin by moisturising, giving you a radiant glow.

The enhancement of your skins natural tone can also be achieved as the Total Effects range can help visibly reduce the appearance of age spots while providing a gentle exfoliation.

The formula used in the Total Effects range is rich in antioxidants, providing your skin with an amount of protection to prevent further damage.

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