The seasons have officially turned and those days spent sitting in parks and walking the dog seem like nothing but a distant dream when you’re wrapped up in more layers than an onion, so it’s fair to say we’ve reached winter and with it all of the mixed blessings we associate – everything from Christmas to Colds, but how do you stay healthy during the winter months?

Firstly, and this really cannot be overstated, always dress appropriately. If you’re going on a night out, very few people will expect you to act like it’s a warm summer evening, so don’t pretend, you can always reveal your glad rags once you get to the bar. Coats, scarves and gloves are a must and ignoring this advice comes with a health warning.

One of the most common factors in the transmission of wintery illnesses is touch, so always wash your hands with warm water and soap whenever you get chance, alternatively, there are plenty of alcohol based hand disinfectants out there which do an excellent job at killing germs on your hands. Of course, if you do get a cold or flu, there’s more than a few ways of treating it.

One such method of treatment is Lemsip’s range of hot drink based medicines like their cold and flu sachets. Replace one of your daily cups of tea or coffee with one of these and enjoy the same wintery warming experience but with the added benefits of medicine which will work with you to help beat the nasty symptoms of cold and flu. For coughing symptoms, Sudafed do an excellent range of cough medicines which work hard to sooth your throat, make swallowing easier and ultimately stop you from coughing at all.

No medicine at all? Head to your supermarket, or use a home medicine

If you are not well at all – and cannot wait for medicine to arrive in the post from us – then you should get out or preferably have somebody go for you and get medicine as soon as possible. If this is not possible, have a look in your fridge and cupboards; hot lemon and honey and sooth a sore throat and take the edge off a cough, relaxing you in the process.

Naturally though, it’d be a Christmas miracle if you managed to go completely healthy, so investing in some festive medicine can only help you beat out those wintery illnesses. So remember, keep walk, wash your hands and make sure your medicine cabinet is fully stocked.